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Millie Fry (b. 1997) is an emerging British artist currently living and working in Bournemouth. In 2017 she attended Arts University Bournemouth and achieved a Distinction in a diploma in Art and Design. It was there she realised she wanted to pursue a career as an artist and since then has been developing and fine tuning her self-taught skills as an Oil Painter. Millie has shown work at Art Fairs around the UK, most recently Roy’s Art Fair in London.


 Through growing up on the South Coast and travelling many beautiful parts of the World, her surroundings have immensely inspired her work. Whilst she uses the natural environment as a starting point, her imagination takes the lead role in creating her atmospheric oil paintings.


Through selling work in galleries along the south coast, on her own platform and at Art Fairs around the UK, Millie’s collectors continue to grow.  Her work is sold internationally, and hangs in many homes across the World, including Europe, the United States and Australia.


Millie Fry standing in front of her artwork at a London Art Fair.
Millie Fry in front of two oil paintings


My admiration for the beauty of the natural world is the starting point to the majority of my work, physical experiences in natural environments ignite my imagination to create ethereal landscapes, energetic seascapes and colourful abstract oil paintings.

 I am inspired not only by what I have seen, but the thoughts and feelings I have experienced in those specific locations. These emotions are revisited when creating my oil paintings, providing an emotional as well as observational response. Instead of replicating something I have seen in nature directly, I intend to create something new and original but familiar for the viewer to relate to, with a dreamlike atmosphere.

When I paint, the process allows me to be immersed in what I am creating, it is therapeutic to focus solely on the method of seamlessly blending the paint alongside rhythmically adding texture and often delicate detail onto the canvas. My love for colour means my work is often bright and vivid. 

In summary, I aim to create a place where anyone can go and just exist in that moment of time, allowing themselves to take a step into the painting and away from distractions of daily life.

 Creating art has allowed me to wander through my daydreams. I hope when people view my art they can experience the same feeling of tranquil encompassment.


The Summer Festival at Sculpture by the Lakes

Pallington Lakes, Dorchester, DT2 8QU

28th June - 2nd July 2023


Roy's Art Fair Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London


28th September - 1st October 2023


Dorset Art Weeks - Open studios


25th May - 9th June 2024



The Summer Festival at Sculpture by the Lakes

Pallington Lakes, Dorchester, DT2 8QU

25th June - 29th June 2024

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